domingo, 29 de julho de 2007

Cost of Living


The cost of living in Canada – particularly in
Toronto – is high. Yet, costs vary in relation
to individual tastes and needs. Your choice
of accommodation determines the bulk
of your living costs. Examples of expected
housing costs for a student in Toronto:

Graduate House
Single rate $637-710/month
Double rate $485 /month

Private Off-Campus apartment:
$550 - $750 for a one-room unit
$700 - $1000 for a one-bedroom unit
$900 - $1400 for a two-bedroom unit

The following is an estimate of the minimum
a single student should have available for a
12-month period in Toronto (2004-2005),
excluding housing and tuition:

Clothing $600
Food $3,800
Books and instruments $900
Miscellaneous $3,500
Health insurance (international
students; dependents extra) $580
Supplementary insurance $150
Local transportation
(if off campus) $1200

(Costs listed are approximate based on 2006/07 information)

Estes dados foram obtidos do site da U of T, no Admissions Guide

Neste guia vc vai achar muitas outras coisas interessantes sobre a U of T.

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